My partner and I enlisted Debs to help us know we were training our new puppy in the right way. She responded to us quickly and suggested we have a phone call with her first before booking any training sessions, which we really loved. This meant we got a chance to get to know Debs prior to training starting, and she got to know us, and what we needed from her, a little better too.

When she arrived at our home for our 121 puppy sessions, Harris connected with her immediately and, as the lessons went on, it was clear how much he enjoyed her company and the training sessions. We learnt some excellent tips & tricks from Debs, and we have a lovely, well behaved dog because of this. I would highly recommend Debs as a dog trainer!”

On our last session together, we spoke a lot about Harris pulling! He still does pull, but I think it’s mainly just excitement. We discovered though, that using a harness on him which attaches a lead from both a front and back clip, really REALLY helps! I’m not sure what it is, but he’s much easier to control and definitely pulls less whilst on it (unless VERY excited for the park!)